Editorial Briefing: Emmanuelle Alt

This week, we’re starting an occasional Fashion Channel series to spotlight the editors, stylists, photographers and makeup artists behind the glossy magazine spreads that are as much about the artistry of fashion as they are about the clothes themselves. These pages are often where style inspiration for the everyday closet starts when it comes to color, pattern, fabric and shape.

First up: Vogue Paris Fashion Director Emmanuelle Alt.

Emmanuelle Alt

Much-loved in the fashion blogosphere for her own cool, laid-back, androgynous personal style, Alt has been styling shoots with chic sharpness for Vogue Paris since 2001.

“Alt’s editorials have the common element of women presented in strong poses,” saidĀ 212DressingRoom’s Janet Spicer. “AltĀ most often uses a single model in clothing that exudes power and confidence.” Few accessories (other than a pile or two of bangles), typically spare settings and naturally messy mops of hair bring both the models’ and the clothings’ effortlessly fierce attitudes into focus:

Vogue Paris, November 2009

Vogue Paris, November 2009
Vogue Paris, November 2009.

Vogue Paris, August 2008.

Vogue Paris, February 2008.

Vogue Paris, March 2009.


Vogue Paris, April 2008.

Vogue Paris, August 2007.

Inspired Palettes from the Community




Editorial scans from Les scans de Diorette; header photo by world_of_wolves.

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