Color Trends: Graphis Magazine

Color Trends: Graphis Magazine

Graphis, The International Journal of Visual Communication, was first published in 1944 by Dr. Walter Amstutz and Walter Herdeg in Zurich, Switzerland. Graphis presented the work of fine artists and illustrators, as well as highlighting the formative years of graphic design as we know it today. Advertising and photography were also featured, and Walter selectively chose what he felt to be the best talent of the time. In 1966, he introduced the Graphis Photo Annual, followed in 1973 by the Graphis Poster Annual. In 2004, the magazine was discontinued after Issue #355 due to a lack of profitability. Graphis is pleased to now announce the development of its new website, complete with Archives of award-winning work from the Annuals, digital versions of the past Magazines, and the introduction of the new Journal.


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