Etsy's Inspirational Palettes: Spectrums of Green

Etsy's Inspirational Palettes: Spectrums of Green

The wonderful Etsy team invited our Fashion Editor, Lindsey to  pick out some of her favorite greens on Etsy right now. See the original in the Etsy blog.

Lindsey Baker, a.k.a. heroinepretend (name is from a Belle & Sebastian song!), is the editor of COLOURlovers' Fashion Channel and a style columnist for Omaha, Nebraska's alternative newsweekly Shout!, among other writerly things. Visit her at COLOURlovers.

Colloquially, the word "green" is as complex as the color can be itself: it represents envy and the healthy-heart chakra alike, acidic and sweet by turns, inexperience and growth simultaneously. If it can be boiled down to any one thing, perhaps green would be, simply, life. And maybe that's why we yearn for it every spring, revel in it all summer, and bring it inside when the seasons change. A constant reminder of freshness and serenity, green offers us an instant connection to our natural environment — undoubtedly why it's the token color of the eco-friendly movement.

With three green-hued color palettes from COLOURlovers as inspiration, these Etsy picks reflect just a handful of the moods the colors evoke.

"Jet Screamer"



Every time I look at "jet screamer," I'm reminded of the early-morning sky in an old, faded photograph. I can imagine a whole morning routine: a refreshing shower with Hartleysoap's Bamboo Zen Soap, a pretty vintage dress paired with LavenderField's sweet-and-tough Crochet Statement Necklace and a cup of hot tea — green, of course — in one of the seafoam-colored mugs from prettyfarmprimitive's Vintage Cup Set.

"Green Thumb"



As a not-so-proud owner of a brown thumb, I'm hopeful that one day I'll be able to coax all the bright colors of "green thumb" from the dirt: the perfect leaves of jenniferladd's Clutch Purse, the tart fruit that inspired QueenHeronCreations' Cozy Cowl Neckwarmer and the pretty whorl of melbry's palette petals (shown in lagoon green lime).

"Forest Walk"



"Forest Walk" celebrates green's rich earthiness: all the varied shades that make densely wooded areas seem so deep and layered. I want to bring that mystery inside and still be grounded by it outside, whether with kateszabone's organically rendered Gemstone Bangles, lizzyhouse's whimsical "Embedded" Art Print, or Thrush's Patent Forest Green Oxford Pumps, the natural green solution for city girls.

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Hey, cool.

I used to have a pair of dark green shoes. I like the little clutch purse too.

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