Stitching by Hand: Etsy’s Best Threads

Whether you like to embroider, knit or even sew by hand, there’s always tons of projects waiting for you just around the corner. Or, if you’re anything like me, you may find that you go browsing around Etsy for inspiration on what to make next. Some colorful solutions to stimulate the creative senses are always a good idea!



We loved this unusually shaped clutch from makemeadress, which features prominent white stitching and buttons of a beautiful pink for contrast. Loving that organic shape too! There’s also more where there that came from, such as ruffly party dresses and delicate feathered tiaras.

Perhaps you’re not so into the whole going out on the town thing, but you’d rather make something for your little girl to wear and earn admiring stares. I’ll bet a crocheted burst of color could be just the thing!



NoodleNoggins crochets with 100% cotton yarn, which is probably what makes this hat look so snuggly. Also make sure to check out her Baby Bear hat, which is sure to make you squeal with delight if you have an ounce of love for babies in your heart.



You know, you don’t have to thread your needle to get that stitched look. You can get out your pointy paintbrush instead. Artist emilydyer captures the look perfectly with her handpainted ceramic mugs, jars and plates. Made with stoneware clay, she uses tools by hand to create the “stitched” look.



As a writer, I find myself endlessly drawn to bound journals. Why not make your own? Sammis2shoes makes these beautiful bound creations, which are handstitched along the spine and one of a kind since each is created by hand. I especially love the contrasting stitch color of several of the other journals in her shop — it really encourages you to get your pen out and jot down a few thoughts. Nicopapergoods also has some beautiful handmade journals worth checking out.



Sometimes, it’s fun to just create an object that doesn’t necessarily serve a purpose other than being aesthetically pleasing. Formydarling has a variety of delightful handmade animals, pillows and bags all made of upcycled wool for show, all simply adorable. Whether you use it as a pincushion or simply place it on a shelf for a pop of color, it makes a sunny little presentation.

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