The Colorful World of Designer Vinyl Customs

We’ve already brought you a primer on the simplistic, brightly colored vinyl toys known as ‘Designer Vinyl’ in the collectible toy world, and if you aren’t much of the make-it-yourself type, you can easily sate your hunger for bursts of color by placing these bits of toy art around your home. However, if you are the crafty type (and if you’re hanging around in our craft channel, I suspect that you just might be), you may find it inspiring that these toys also come in fully customizable (or DIY — do it yourself) forms.

[Via Ian Murchinson]

The basic white Munny form can be purchased from for as little as $4.95 for smaller sizes. However, a larger size is available (you can get these guys up to 18″!). Once you get your hands on that simple little form, the only thing holding you back is the limits of your imagination.

The emergence of these DIY toys has basically fired up an entire subculture of artists who have gotten their creative groove on by painting and modifying them into something altogether different, and often incredible.

[Via Bobby Chromik ~ Lawcrow]

You can easily search the web and find all kinds of tutorials on how to make your own Designer Vinyl customs. Toy artists will also often show the creation process on their blogs. Even celeb Rosie O’ Donnell has gotten into the custom world. You can start simply with something like markers or use products such as Sculpey to completely alter the shape of the figure itself.


Check out some more examples of Designer Vinyl customs below. Maybe you’ll be inspired enough to get out your own supplies and create your own!



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