The Color Options I Wish I Had for My Home

The Color Options I Wish I Had for My Home

While it would be nice to be able to switch up the color of your home instantly and automatically, like in the 'Paint My House' project–that would give our pattern maker a whole new purpose, its not an easy or cheap setup. But just by looking at these, and all the other great light projects we've seen, it can inspire us to realize the power lamps and lighting can have on our interior color schemes, and how they can transform a space every evening as the natural light begins to fade.


So if you cant manage to set up your own lighting installation then try some of these other colorful lighting ideas.

Lamp Shade Color

To help you get things started, check out some photos of the impact different color shades can have in a room. There's a nice little gallery over at Apartment Therapy about just that.


DIY Light Fixtures

Usually my first and last thought when changing up a space is, "I'll just do it myself." Here are two great DIY lighting projects from Design*Sponge & Addicted2Decorating, found via Apartment Therapy.



Color Changing

The Yantouch Jellyfish led lamp filled with RGB LEDs is capable of creating 16 million unique colors and brightness levels, and it's all controlled though a touchpad. Unfortunately, it seems to only be sold in a few shops, none of which are in the US.

Via technabob

Unique Shapes

Flat Lamp


Upcycled Style


Handblown Glass


'Paint My House'

Thanks to flcikr user safeaim for sharing their photos.

The light artists, graphic designers and technicians from Skudi Optics, invited artists from all over Europe to project their fantastic creations onto the facade of the Berlin City Cathedral in August 2008. On February 25th a similar event will take place onto the most beautiful fasade in Trondheim: Nidarosdomen. The artwork will be from local artists and is meant to accompany the concert in Nidarosdomen the same evening. This will be a one-night only visual treat, both ad-free and independent.









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Nice post evad. The jellyfish lamp looks cool..what an amazing mood setter it would be in room!

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