Color Curating: Orange

On my own blog I’ve kept a regular Friday Favorites post going, in which I pick a handful of products from around the internet that have caught my attention that week. I’d like to do this here, but with a specific color in mind .

This week, since most everything I found is from Etsy, I thought I’d start with ORANGE!

Pole Orange


Pole Orange by labokoff


  1. Orange Rosette Brooch Pin
  2. Orange Ride
  3. retro vintage fabric Pillow Case
  4. Monkey See Monkey Say I Do Print



City of New York Municipal Airports – 1930s WPA – Fine Art Reproduction Mini Print by AquaVelvet


  1. Bright Orange Vintage Oval Mirror Frame
  2. Ruffled Crepe Garland
  3. Tartan/Checked Handbag/Tote
  4. Vintage Orange Porcelain Lotus Bowl
Author: natalie
Natalie Jost designed for the web until 2007 when she expanded her experience to create Olive Manna, a brand devoted to beautiful textiles and paper products, designed with an emphasis on seamless pattern design. She still designs for the web now and then, but most of her time is spent raising three little girls, including twins! Natalie's Blog is full of writing about her passion for life, her kids, and good design. And she always carries a Sudoku book and pen. You can also follow @natalie on Twitter!