Get Creative With Wardrobe Remix

Some fashionistas have a simple approach: buy well-made pieces by reputable designers, add to closet, mix and match and go. It’s a simple formula, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with it as it often produces a very polished silhouette. However, some fans of all things stylish may find this straightforward buy-and-wear process doesn’t suit them and they need something more to channel their creative tastes. A little bit of do-it-yourself, if you will.

If you consider yourself in this latter group, you may find you spend your time making your own scarves, buying basic pieces and modifying them, nosing through your local thrift stores in search of treasure, or always on the hunt to find a way to share your creations. Sure, you can sell them on Etsy, but what if you would prefer to share them with other DIY fashion fans, perhaps share ideas?

Enter Wardrobe Remix, a DIY street fashion community started by Tricia Royal in September of 2005. Since its inception, the Flickr group has ballooned up to 14,500 members and welcomes head-to-toe shots of whatever your heart desires when it comes to stylish ensembles. It’s a great way to meet other fashion-savvy DIY crafters, as well as discover new blogs and show off your own creative vision (many well-known fashion bloggers  have gotten their start posting there as well). Here are a few of the group’s standout entries of late — we hope you enjoy them!

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[turquoisepassion] [Blog]




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