Best Album Palettes Of 2009

The best album palettes from 2009. Selected from the “best music” lists from: Emusic, Pitchfork, Amazon, Rolling Stone, and NME.

If you have a favorite album palette from 2009 that wasn’t┬ánecessarily┬ásome critic’s ‘best-of,’ post it in the comments.

Merriweather-Post-Pavilion Where-Were-U-in-'92
Wolfgang-Amadeus-Phoenix Bird-Brains
Logos Psychic-Chasms

My-Maudlin-Career The-Ecstatic
The-World-To-Come Actor
Jewellery A-Strange-Arrangement
Veckatimest Infinite-Light
Farm Hymns-From-Rhodesia
Curse-Your-Branches Grey-Eyed-Girls
Ashes-Grammar The-Love-Language
Blue-Record Popular-Songs
Seek-Magic Real-Estate
Marvellous-Boy Two-Dancers
First-Things-First The-Spoils
Bromst bjork2009
5_-Five-Years-of-Hyperdub A-Brief-History-Of-Love
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