The Colorful World Of Snowflakes

The Colorful World Of Snowflakes

We know that ice crystals are clear and snow is white, but if we take a closer look at snowflakes (or snow crystals) it can give us a new perspective into the colorful world. Luckily for us we have the internet, and with the help of we can further explore these physical marvels.


Is it really true that no two snowflakes are alike?

The short answer to the question is yes -- it is indeed extremely unlikely that two complex snowflakes will look exactly alike. It's so extremely unlikely, in fact, that even if you looked at every one ever made you would not find any exact duplicates.

The long answer is a bit more involved -- it depends on just what you mean by "alike," and on just what you mean by "snowflake."

The site goes on to explain that working under different parameters of  "alikeness,"  "nano-snowflakes can be exactly alike," where as "small snow crystals can look alike," and  "larger, more complex snowflakes are all different."  Read More










Types of Snow Crystals


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oooo these are beautiful :D
wow...suddenly reminded of that PC game where you have to save the world using weather - and one of the puzzles is putting the snowflakes in a graph by temperature. It's really cool, I wish I remembered the title of the game; it was one of my favourite games growing up. And it's totally old school but it's so much fun. Going to look it up!

Magnificent! Thanks for this article!
OMG I love Snowflakeeees!!

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