ColorSchemer Studio 2 for Mac (+COLOURlovers)

ColorSchemer Studio 2 for Mac (+COLOURlovers)

Some people call them color palettes and some people call them color schemes... Now we're all part of one big family. We've known Aaron from ColorSchemer for a few years now and have talked on and off about how we could work together. Well, I'm excited to announce that we're not just working together, we're joining color forces.

The new release of ColorSchemer Studio 2 for Mac of is the first hint at what the future holds for that partnership with the integration of the 1,000,000 COLOURlovers palettes directly accessible via the software gallery browser. Pretty soon you'll not only be able to browse palettes from COLOURlovers, you'll be able to save your palettes right to our site from your desktop. You'll see the best of what we've been building and the best from what Aaron's been building begin to form together here and in ColorSchemer Studio.

ColorSchemer Studio 2 for Mac OS X

ColorSchemer Studio 2ColorSchemer Studio 2 is a professional color-matching application for your Mac that will help you build beautiful color schemes quickly and easily.

Use ColorSchemer Studio to identify color harmonies for the web (RGB) or print (CMYK), create palettes from photos, search over a million existing color schemes, mix colors, create gradient blends, and much more!

ColorSchemer Studio 2 takes color matching and management to a new level with a number of advanced new features and tools, including:

CMYK Support

RGB, CMYK, color management, color profiles

One of the most common feature requests we get is for adding CMYK support, and now ColorSchemer Studio 2 has it!

Not only that, but this new release goes even further by color-managing both RGB and CMYK colors, so you can specify color profiles (just like in Photoshop and other pro graphics apps) to make sure your colors look exactly as you intended.

Color Management/Color Profile Support

RGB, CMYK, color management, color profiles

ColorSchemer Studio 2 now color-manages all displayed colors. You can now work with specific color profiles to ensure your color-critical work comes out right the first time, whether it’s for the web or print.

COLOURlovers Integration


Connect to the COLOURlovers community to browse, search, and download over a million color palettes right from the program.

LiveSchemes – Color relationships that you define

LiveSchemes SchemeBuilder

The new LiveSchemes tools help you to visually create color harmony relationships as easily as dragging colors around the color wheel.

Create custom LiveScheme formulas based on color theory, or your own creativity. You can also reverse-engineer and color-shift existing color schemes with a simple drag & drop.

LiveSchemes SchemeBrowser

Browse your saved LiveSchemes to apply custom color theory relationships to any color to build a ready-to-use color scheme.

QuickPreview Layout Templates


ColorSchemer Studio 2 now comes with 13 different QuickPreview layout templates that you can use to experiment with color scheme ideas in a variety of different settings, including website, blog, print and pattern layouts.

Color Variations


Use the new Variations palette to find colors that are similar or related to any starting base color.

Color Groups

Color Groups

Organize your colors into groups or folders within your Favorite Colors when building your color schemes.

ColorSchemer Studio 2 also adds a bunch of other enhancements to give you more control over your colors:

  • New ways to pick colors: Use the new spectrum picker, or select from among the included color libraries.
  • New import/export formats: Including Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE), PNG, and XML formats.
  • Enhanced Contrast Analyzer Check text and background color combinations for sufficient contrast and readability, based on W3C, WCAG, or HP accessibility recommendations.
  • Drag-color-to-text Drag a color from ColorSchemer Studio and drop it right into your HTML and it will automatically be converted into a hex value in your code.
  • Improved UI: Most tool windows have been combined into an easier-to-manage single-window interface.


Happy Huesdays: Special COLOURlovers Offer


In the spirit of Black Friday... we're extending a more colorful offer. If you purchase a license of ColorSchemer Studio in December and get a FREE Sponsored Membership on COLOURlovers as a thank you (a $20 value).

Just email us with your Order Number for ColorSchemer Studio and your COLOURlovers username and we'll upgrade your account. (Already a Sponsored Member? We'll give you a gift credit to use next year or give away.)



ColorSchemer Studio 2 remains $49.99 per license, and discounted upgrade licenses are also available for registered users of ColorSchemer Studio v1.x for $29.99.

» Purchase a license
» Upgrade your license
» More info

Also, if you purchased ColorSchemer Studio v1.x after Oct 1, 2009, you are entitled to a free upgrade to ColorSchemer Studio 2. Visit the myColorSchemer section and enter your Order Number to upgrade your license key.


As Always... You Can Make it Better

This isn't just a product to sell you... this is a product for us to grow together. We've always taken special care to only work with quality products and never compromise the wonderful community and culture we have here. The partnership with ColorSchemer is brand new, so we've only had a little amount of time to work on integrating our services. We plan on bringing the best of both worlds together in the future and you can help us with that.
-What would you like to see ColorSchemer include from COPASO?
-What would you like to see COLOURlovers bring online from ColorSchemer?
Aaron is now a part of the COLOURlovers family, so welcome him and and let him know how he can help you share the love.


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Well done, hope you sell a lot of em.
This is a good idea. I'm always saying that i wish there were better managers for color when working on different applications.
Nice Program
Compatibility with Windows 7, please!
I've tried the free trial.. reccomend it! It's like a mix of COPASO and PHOTOCOPA - pure perfection!
Thanks! You rock!
It's an amazing software, I used it a lot when I was using Windows. Since I switched to Mac, I couldn't find a convenient colour software. I've been waiting for this! This app takes the cake. Thanks to the developers!


It's Colour scheme is really Nice.

I would love this..
wrote thanx
COLOUR SCHEME is nice, im lovin it
I use KULER and it's free!
I would use both apps more if I could upload themes to ColourLovers from ColorSchemer Studio 2.....
nice app!
the screen was better when it was dark grey/black.I have am sensitive to light!How do I chang it back to black?
cant you find the picture and restore it back to it's default. and save your change. it could be that eassy. I don't know . Just a sudgestion.
thank you
Having fun with color schemer! Great tool . . .
powerful tool
cool man!!!!!!!!!!!!
hum deve se bom né ese negocio de cores eu vol adiqueri isso
This app is a MUST HAVE for designers, artists and color lovers. Give the free trial a test drive and you'll be hooked.
Vcs são criativos e acima de tudo, brilhantes!!!! THE NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!
this is some stuff BAMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is pretty cool! If only we could add backgrounds to facebook!

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