2+2=5 Colour Palette Game

Palettes from the COLOURlovers’ group started by the beloved faded jeans: 2+2=5 Colour Palette Game.

Original format: Pick two of your favorite colors, any two that you’ve created and send them to a fellow CL’r. In return, they will do the same and send you two personal faves from their own collection of colors. Then each of you should create a palette of the four colors with the fifth color in the palette being your own personal choice.

NOTE: It’s important that you send ONLY the 6 digit hex code for the color so that the actual colors aren’t seen ahead of time, possibly influencing the choices made by the other person.

Second format: You choose two colours that are from THEIR collection of colours (colours created by them) and they choose two colours from your colour archives. Send each other the hex codes and proceed as above. Whatever format you choose, it’s always easy, fun and sometimes a real challenge!

Oh and thanks to all of you that are having fun playing my game and sharing the love!

Thanks to Julee for the suggestion.

[225]_Sassy-frass [225]_do_the_math

[225]_Shake_it_Off [225]_the_only_one.

arsenic_and_old_lace the_velveteen_rabbit

Oh_gimme_babe CLASH!

iam_confused2+25 iam_furtherconfused

Hearts_in_the_Meadow Diberde

Gumboot_convention painted_pear

insomnia her_last_bow

[225]_Digging_Oread [225]_Sad_Weekday

JOZXYQK! Orange_Moon_Boots

hands_on_the_wheel Le_+_Saint__5

sweet_illusion [225]_Disillusioned


[225]_Dining_Out Bear_Claw_in_Honey

a_rainbow_in_my_eyes meadow_flowers

Stefans_Sidetrip skylaced_coffee

cherry_oats Gee,_Luke

Carousel_Equestrian lift_off!


Mellow_Out caff-one

At_The_Garden_Gate jeans_patch

Grandest_Popsicles to_gramehen

2+25_.06 Firefly

He_was_mysterious Semi_Subdued_Trio

Tutti_Frutti Under_score

Hillbilly_Loon Faded_Verbs

Disco_Gaucho Colourful_Jeans!

Buenos_Aires_Goddess jeans_on_fire!

Arithmetic A_Melonberry_Day

MM gloomyberry_twist

Mendoza_Autumn Search_Party_Found

Miss_Caff skylaced_softly

A_duck_on_a_lake malpanka_inspired

A_twist_on_lime Laced_Up

Exoesqueleto Iwantcloudsandmore

Existentialism 225_outta_the_closet

225_get_off_my_lawn! 225_return_from_Zog

225__1970s khrahkh_khuh-dahn

[225]BarcelonaSunset [225]_Barcelona

Overheat_the_brain [225]_retro_dive

Im_old_Buk_today light_hits_a_wall

blame_the_tiger How_2_Ruin_Ur_Image

Author: evad
David Sommers has been loving color as COLOURlovers' Blog Editor-in-Chief for the past two years. When he's not neck deep in a rainbow he's loving other things with The Post Family (http://thepostfamily.com/), a Chicago-based art blog, artist collective & gallery.