1 Million Color Palettes… Thanks for Sharing the Love!

Wow! What an honor.  It’s so amazing how many of you have taken the time to share your color ideas & inspiration with us.  COLOURlovers continues to make me very proud to be part of such a great community.  Our 1,000,000th palette is a great milestone and we’re excited and inspired to continue sharing the color love with you all.  You’re all so awesome.

Some Color Palette Milestones…

#1 (Community Palette)

But our 1,000,000 wouldn’t have been possible without our 999,999th… and every palette that has been lovingly shared on this site.  Thank you all so much.

All 1,000,000 Color Palettes…

(Each pixel is a color strip in a palette) Click to see larger version.
COLOURlovers 1 Million Color Palettes

Some Interesting Color Coincidences

One of my favorite things to watch is the interesting coincidences that pop up when you have people from all over the world naming colors and putting them in palettes.  Some fun stuff in there… go have a look and laugh.

What Do We Do With So Many Palettes?

Ok, so that’s a lot of color… We’re working hard on the code for Version 4 of COLOURlovers that will make it easier to find the color inspiration you’re looking for, to share your color ideas with others and to make even more palettes.

Make Something Awesomely Colorful!

We have an API… Who knows what awesome stuff you might build with access to 1 million palettes.  Some things that have already been built:

Codename Cuttlefish by serostar

DekafLovers by VisualRinse

Pulse by Michael Mahemoff

Desktop Color Finder by Levi McCallum

Circle Growth 1 from Alex Stanciu on Vimeo

Your Palettes… Your Stories: Share Why You Create

In the comments below, share a bit of your story with us.  I’d love to hear your answers to these questions. (They might help us explain to new lovers just why this place is so great.)
Why do you create palettes?

What do you like about it?

If you use palettes from COLOURlovers, what for?

What makes COLOURlovers such a great creative community?

Thank you all so much.  I’m looking forward to the next million, 10 million… and every other colorful milestone we’ll reach together.

+Darius (COLOURlover)

Author: COLOURlover
My name is Darius A Monsef IV & my friends call me Bub(s)(ba). Chief Lover at COLOURlovers.com / Cofounder of Hands.org Founder, Philanthropist, Designer, Builder & Writer. P.S. I love you.