Color Inspired By Plant Life

Color Inspired By Plant Life

Palettes from the COLOURlovers' group Plantlife.

pumpkins_and_melons Fruit_mould

Beached_Peach Autumn_Glory

asparagus Wheat_field

Autumn_leaves Melon_Squash

waterlilly Discarded_Earth

Autumn_Palette_I Autumn_Palette_II

Lotus Morning,_Fruit_Salad

Fruits Avocadesque

pretty_little_flower Rose

bright_tree maple_by_the_pond

screaming_maple.!! warm_maple

my_favourite_maple Juice_Orange

apple watergarden

Artist_in_the_Garden moss_confusion

garlic strawberry_fields

eggplant_forest pinedrops

Cabbage Tropics

Autumn_in_Yosemite Ferngully

Forest_Findings sundew_plant

Garden_Path Porch_Strawberries

Seedpod my_carrot_self

hyacinth mushroommosses

rotten_orange Grafting_Trees

Root_Causes amor_perfeito

petal_leaf two_of_a_kind

dead_roses leaf_peeping

autumn_by_the_river Snail_in_the_jungle

dark_forest leaves_and_berries

Mountain_Orchid Baby_indigo_Pansies


fun_foliage mosses_in_sun

Sunlit_House_Plant dark

we_wake_on_water Poppies

Peach__Pear chameleon

Viola_F2 marguerite

waterlily Frosted_Fungi

gazania_glow grasses_bloom

ageratum august_garden

Pretty_Belinda september

Victoria Mirella

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