Water Inspired Palettes

Colors and Palettes of water and it’s movements. From ponds and puddles to rivers and waterfalls, ocean to lake and tap water to rain water. Come share the wonder at the beauty and variety of water.

Palettes from the COLOURlovers’ group Water Everywhere.

Will_To_Love Aqueous

Leafy_Greens so_softly_waters

dream_blues Seaglass_Collection

Ocean_Realm Lost_at_Sea

Lost_at_Sea Emerald_Riverine

The_Sapphire_Dragon Big_Wave

Seaturtle_food Golden_Seafoam

Stormy_Seas Tommy_Bahama

Marea_Alta_Sunset sea_air

autumn_by_the_river Summer_in_Vancouver

Ocean_Heart Oxbow_Bend_Sunrise

Rise_to_the_sky Sea_Grass

Krisuvik_HotSprings night_over_lake

Rainy_Day Aqua(marines)

breaklights_in_rain Mournful_Siren_Song

Mermaid_Evening Evening_Lagoon

sandbar Best_Wave!!

when_most_all_is_sea Vintage_Beach_Photo

Harvest_rain Murky_waters

Franks_Surf Chuangs_Ondine

Ocean_Kisses Sea_Foamy

See_Water Captain_Peacock

Taking_the_Plunge Clear_Crimson_Water

Sounds_of_the_Sounds Chlorine_Pond

Silver_Pools Babys_First_Sail

Sunbeams Moonsonal_Breeze

riverstorm Roll_Emerald_Waters

Waves_Return_To_Sea fishhatchery

Stormy_Weather Smooth_Sailing

Island_Seas Sunset_Beach

decisive_moment Wooden_Lake

Lake_Diving Abalone_Beach

somewhat_random Winter_in_Malibu

Floating_Fruit Sweet_Rain

Rose_Water_Dreams Aquarius_palindrome

[+]_Swimming_Trunks floaty_waterscape

subconscious_colour lake_in_lapland

Minty_Beach_Drinks Tropical_Beach

yoni_lingam_left_2 low_tide

Death_Becomes_Her sunken_treasure

Minty_Water Sailing

Swim_Naked Anya3

Leaden_sea A_Pond_to_Remember

Floating_Flowers Laleh_Faithful_Color

A_search_for_water Naval_Enthusiasm

Oceanic_Tears Underwater_Utopia

Waterways pearls

Aquatic_Bends water_shine

Author: evad
David Sommers has been loving color as COLOURlovers' Blog Editor-in-Chief for the past two years. When he's not neck deep in a rainbow he's loving other things with The Post Family (http://thepostfamily.com/), a Chicago-based art blog, artist collective & gallery.