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Plural: Whistler Installation

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“The site-specific interactive installation is a visual metaphor of The Whistler, consisting of two parts: a catalog / inventory of all the objects in the bar to be displayed in the front window AND an interactive light installation that will output different colors based on the average volume of the sound in the bar. Over the course of the night, the color will fluctuate, allowing passerby‚Äôs to see how active the bar is.”


Cyclops Watch


Cyclops dispenses with a conventional arrangement of hour, minute and second hands; instead a single hour marker passes around the coloured dial. Each hour is represented by a different coloured circle, the black hoop gradually passes over each circle to indicate the time.

Cyclops can be read with a relaxed kind of accuracy that offers a counterpoint to our hectic modern lives.


World Record Size Bubble

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“Samsam (real name Sam Heath) was aiming to pop the Guinness World Record set in 2005 in Minnesota, U.S., for a bubble of 105.4 cubic feet. He is not sure of the precise volume of his attempt in Finsbury Park, North London, but it stretched to 20ft by 5ft by 5ft at its biggest.”

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