Colorful Video Roundup

Colorful Video Roundup

Here's a colorful roundup of videos found on the color lovin' blog, shape+color which has always been a reliable and sharp source for inspiring content.

Street Tests

Directed by Eric Epstein | vimeo


Directed by Siggi Eggertsson | vimeo

A music video by Siggi Eggertsson for artist / musician Lawrence Cepstral.


Directed by Takagi Masakatsu | vimeo

Music and Video of Rehome by Takagi Masakatsu. From the album Rehome, W+K Tokyo Lab 2003.


Directed by Terri Timely (Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey) | vimeo

The latest short film from Directing-duo, Terri Timely (Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey), is a portrait of two brother’s and their surreal experiences as they explore their Synesthesia.


Directed by Quentin Carnicelli, Charles Klipfel & Jean-François Jégo | vimeo

In a black & white Paris, little creatures with paintbrush decide to brighten up the city...

Reulf is student project from University of Paris VIII directed by Quentin Carnicelli, Charles Klipfel & Jean-François Jégo as part of our graduate program in Arts and Technologies de l'Image. Music composed by Robert le magnifique & Olivier Mellano.

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I saw the street test before on share some candy. these are so awesome.
ahhhhh. these make me so happy.

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