Vintage Color & Design: Fortune Magazine

Vintage Color & Design: Fortune Magazine

A selection of Fortune Magazine covers from 1933 through 1969. You can see the complete collection here.

"It was stated in February 1930 that ‘the covers are to be a special feature’ and that ‘a design by a distinguished artist will appear each month, which will be made especially for printing in flat colours and will have the character of an original print’. They did much to convey the spirit of progressive technology that proved so exciting to the American public of the 1930s. Amongst the more celebrated designers contributing such work were Fernand Leger, Bauhaus graduate and tutor Herbert Bayer, Hungarian-born Gyorgy Kepes, who had worked closely with Moholy-Nagy in Britain and the United States, and American born Lester Beall." - Covenger + Kester





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love&love&love it.
Some really good graphid design works.
Great post.
This is masterful! My favorite designer/artist Thomas M. Cleland designed the first Fortune. Lots of love for this! The rail car one is amazing!

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