Interior Design Trends: Orange

Interior Design Trends: Orange

Orange is a pretty uplifting color. It is bright, cheery and pretty bold. As I am getting older I am appreciating a lot more of these bolder and brighter shades. What are your feelings on shades of orange?

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To me orange is a colour that has to be use with care and consideration. Texture plays an important issue, possibly more than with some other colours, teamed with right shades and in the correct place it can look wonderful.
I was before the times. My room, heck, my whole house happens to be orange! :)
Luscious, vibrant and juicy - I love it as an accent. More than that and I'm overwhelmed.
I have to agree - orange makes a great accent, but anything more makes my head hurt. Although it's a very mood uplifting colour :)
I love orange... it has been creeping into my house for some time...
Personally can't abide by Orange. It's too harsh for me. I get along better with Salmon, Coral, Terra Cotta... but I'm a Khaki kind of guy! Orange reminds me too much of 1969. And I have no desire to look back....

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