RYZ Shoe Design Contest: Voting Begins!

Well, we broke another contest entry record with the RYZ shoe design contest.  1,600 designs were submitted… awesome work.  Now comes the hard part of trying to find a winner from so many great designs.  This is where you spread the word about your designs and get your friends and family to vote for your shoe.  Good luck!

Remember, winner takes home the grand prize – $750 cash and $250 store credit to the RYZ shop – plus free sponsored memberships at COLOURlovers.

WINNER UPDATE: We’ll be putting up a formal announcement of the winners… but after 20,000 votes, here they are:

The COLOURlovers Pattern Winning Shoe
Suwaili by Darkstar

The RYZ Pattern Winning Shoe
Polygon Camo by MEKAZOO


Details from RYZ

It was tough work, but with the help from our friends at COLOURlovers, we were able to find the Top 9 COLOURlovers pattern designs out of the over 1600 submitted. In keeping with our voting process, we are seeding the voting gallery – top 9 selected by our COLOURlovers Creative Panel are on page 1, then the top 9 selected by our internal RYZ team on page 2. All other designs are listed on following pages and have equal chance in winning.

With the onslaught of multiple designs submitted, we have created a new feature where you can remove an entry from the competition. For those who have entered more than 3 designs, we’ll give you through the weekend to self-select your favorite three (you probably shouldn’t remove your design if it’s in the top 9) – after that we will go through and remove designs for you. Go to your Contest Portfolio and select the “X” to remove a design from the contest. It will be returned to your Personal Design Workspace.

Remember everyone has a chance at winning – post your shoe to your networks, invite your friends and vote often!

Good luck to all and thank you again to the COLOURlovers community!

Author: COLOURlover
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