118 Complex Patterns

118 Complex Patterns

A selection of patterns from the COLOURlovers' group Complex Pattern. Oops, I didn't read the rules of this group before selecting these and I've included some patterns other than x_1013_x.

Group devoted to Complex pattern by x_1013_x. What it means to us, showcasing and picking our favourites. For me it was like discovering a brand new island. Lovely experience. The pattern's secrets are inside, ways to use it and categories for you to post your patterns in. The complex pattern is by hard the hardest pattern to master. It has so many options to it. It's just impossible to find the perfect colour scheme. So our goal is to master it.


INTRUSA Dont_juge

Explicações Querelas

Retsofs_Framework Long_Story

Catatonic_Dogma Tropical_Tide

Glamorous_Pillar Jade_Green_Dress

Step_by_Step pink_cat


island_dream redblue

Dressed_to_Kill 22_going_on_40

luxurybathroom_tiles Glint_of_gold

Wait_and_see Tossed

The_Sequined_Man Incrustação

Sunlight_on_the_lawn PLIM


Good_Morning,_Dear You_Know_I_Would

Rube Confession_Box

bricks OPCs

$20000_Per_Hour Relax_would_ya

Rain_Dropped_In Pfft_You_Were_Gone

Funny_Face Obama_vs._McCain

Opposites Girl_Meets_Boy

infinite_probability upstart

Teatro_Municipal_Rio bridal_shower

bridal_shower Bicycle

.c_o_u_s_t_e_a_u. I_see_right_through.

Touch_of_blue... OBEY2

Mouth_and_teeth I_like_contrast

Visual Changing_of_Times

Like_two_peas slip_bang

and_again ...of_desire

oh_my! senile_dementia

carrot_at_sea easier_to_explain

being_equal Atlantida

Boggie Determine_your_fate

katch_cha velvet_chaos

Candy_Paint beyond_all_doubt

frozen Intrinsic_Motives

Clearly_Now Slipped_a_Mickey

jaywalking complexity

layered_dish Painful

old_geometry overworked

DrinkingStrawPackage Lady_lumps

Traffic Peacock_Deceiving

Hardly_Visible Bathing_Reality

Painted_Singularity krazy_to_be_kind

Dream_of_Fear clouds_in_my_coffee

bella_birds terriblyHot_insomnia

Breathing_In_Rhythm Fairy_Tale

Schiz_Tool bubblincrude



tiny_tile Uq


Hang_Nail dark_matters

cha_ching Insight_of_Death

dirty_water where_my_woes_wont

Marilyn Touch_of_Parquetry

Resplendent zephyr_lounge

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Wow. Thank you for including my patterns (Breating In Rhythm, Schiz Tool, Capote, &) in your blog, amongst all these great works of colour!
Good patterns.
Oh so cool! Lovely to see all the great work!
One of my favorite patterns to play with.
I like this pattern a lot.
Awesome works !

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