The Color Of Soap Bubbles

Gorgeous and intriguing; macro shots of soap bubbles perfectly captured by artist Bogdan Chesaru. And I can’t help but agree that the name of his website is also a good description of his work: a kind of magic.

Artist Statement

“A Kind of Magic” gallery depicts the natural iridescent colors you see when light catches a clear soap bubble.

Simply put, I photograph light interference on soap film – a physical phenomenon that surrounds our everyday lives and yet it goes largely unnoticed.

As seen through the camera lens, a vibrant scenery of shapes and patterns, swirling and dancing on the edge of time, arouse both the eye and mind with a sensation of spatial elasticity. Driven by a strong minimalist impulse, my work is a venture into this playground of the most faint air currents, molecular forces and gravity’s relentless pull.


Viewers are invited to freely construct their own visual narrative as they catch a glimse into the ephemeral universe of the soap bubble.

Breathe… click… exhale… The eternal torn from the momentary. A Kind of Magic.

How It’s Made

A flat soap film is made by dipping a wire frame into the soap bubble mixture.
The frame is held above a dark surface, and a studio light is aimed at the bubble. The camera is aimed so that the reflection of the light will be seen over the entire surface of the bubble, and a macro-photograph is taken of that reflection.

All images are created completely in the camera with minor contrast and saturation adjustments.

Please take a moment and see where your imagination takes you.

Author: evad
David Sommers has been loving color as COLOURlovers' Blog Editor-in-Chief for the past two years. When he's not neck deep in a rainbow he's loving other things with The Post Family (, a Chicago-based art blog, artist collective & gallery.