Eclectic Color Roundup

Eclectic Color Roundup

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Despair Inc.

"Unlocking the Awesome Potential of Behavioral Disorders."

via NotCot


Dried Fruit Rings

la prochaine fois
The dehydrator is my new favorite toy. With it, I began to dry fruits and incorporate them with my work in metal.  And what better way than to combine two things I love: jewelry and food. No more cheerio necklaces, I wanted something better! These rings are completely edible, except for the silver part of course. So if one is ever desperate for a munch… and not just any munch, a very delicious and healthy munch!

Via designbooom

Digital Art by Alex Mcleod

Alex McLeod

Incredible digital landscapes from Alex McLeod.


The Universe in '09

Seed Magazine

In 2009, we are celebrating curiosity and creativity with a dynamic look at the very best ideas that give us reason for optimism. Rething your assumptions, and pose better questions about the future: Welcome to the Universe in 2009."


Badeschiff | Winter Bathing Ship

Travel With Frank Gehry | Arena-Berlin | Architonic

Design Team: Susanne Lorenz and AMP Arquitectos, Gil Wilk Architekten, Thomas Freiwald
Location: Spree Bridge, Berlin, Germany
When to visit: Winter-Daily from 1 pm till approx.1 am / Summer-8 am– 12 pm

The Badeschiff (in English, "bathing ship") is an old barge or cargo container that has been converted into a public swimming pool in Berlin, Germany. Beached on the shoreline in the East Harbour section of the River Spree, the Badeschiff allows citizens to swim in a safe and sanitary environment in their river, at least in a figurative sense. The Spree itself is far too polluted to permit safe bathing.

The Badeschiff opened in the summer of 2004 as an art project organized by the Stadtkunstprojekte (City Art Project Society) of Berlin. It was created by local artist, Susanne Lorenz, to enliven city life along the long-neglected Spree.

The pool was converted from the hull of a vessel measuring eight by thirty-two metres. It is open to the public daily from 8am to midnight. Disc jockeys commonly spin records outside the pool entrance where there is also a bar.

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Thats Crazy!, I like it
Despair wear? Um nice joke!
I thought the tshirt was funny.
Beautiful !!!

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