Vintage Color & Design: Airline Logos

Vintage Color & Design: Airline Logos

Here is a selection of vintage airline logos from the Museum of Flight's website which has 150 logos in their collection. The site also has an extensive collection of aircraft, spacecraft and artifacts. For more airline inspiration have a look at our post highlighting modern airline color identities.

BWIA Garuda_Indonesia

Ghana_Airways Trans_Brazil

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Interesting... :-)

super cool!
Having managed a major U.S. airline's brand/corporate id standards.. this is way cool retro material. Congrats!
cool post. Seeing Garuda Indonesia's logo sure brought some pilot related flashbacks ;)
Oh, I love these! Great post.
This really was a neat post thank you...some of these look pretty basic to me while others look a bit busy.

They all do have the retro feel which is kind of cool. I liked the 2nd from the bottom: kind of a puma and bird combined.

Great post! These logos are simply fascinating, and I really adore all of the colors.

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