The Colors Of Fog

The Colors Of Fog

While water vapor is colorless, the condensed water droplets that form and allow us to see fog can highlight the colors of their surroundings, taking the rich colors in view and fading them to the background like a natural gradient.

Forest alone_on_a_bench


Thomas Hawk

over_san_francisco beach_fog


Gregory Goltsov

Gregory Goltsov

Steve Kay

Annadriel & James Jordan






Geomangio #

richpix 


Compound Eye

Gregory Goltsov

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so pretty...
It's awesome how nature plays with colors! :)
These colors are beyond stunning! They're otherworldly and I commend the photographer. I don't like the yellow, though - it reminds me of ugly vapor lights that I've seen around industrial buildings or parking lots. But the others ... drool. I was wandering which were my favourites but gave up. I especially love Geomangio, bbsc30 and Annadriel. The (woman?) is simpleologist seems very solitary, though?
I first thought the only color of fog would be a dirty white.
Boy, was I ever wrong.
There's a color of fog to match every hue on the color wheel.
Very awesome!
The colors of Photoshop
Thank you for this article and its inspiring photographs! I love watching marine fog envelop my city in September. It's great palette inspiration!



Fog is one of my favorite inspirations. I haven't found a ton of good pictures since I found this site (and I've made no foggy palettes), but these pics are amazing!

Niice :D Fog is amazing and seems to change all over the world. epic.
Sometimes the colors are much more related to the filters and photo effects to the fog itself, but still they are amazing!
There's nothing natural about those gradients ;)

I like this style, but it would be nice to see some undoctored nature photos once in a while
oh, come on. they're pretty.
i love fog! (and it looks like i really like the French word for it...) here are some i did a while ago:






this was so appealing. and stunning. it just made me happy :)
Wow, very nice colors and inspiring photographs :)

i love fog!
Fog is natures'free softbox! Great shots & palettes!

Here's one of mine:

based on this pic:
Blue ][
Even if they're not truly natural- they are inspiring.
I loved this. The photos were beautiful.
So beautifully sad and lonesome. They are truly beautiful. It was a serene, calming experience looking at those wonderful pictures. Thanks.

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