118 Minimal Color Palettes

What makes a color palette minimal? Is it slight variations of the same hue with only one or two other anchor colors? Is it a palette that only uses whites, blacks and greys or barley-there muted and neutral colors? Can it still be a minimal color palette if it screams out with bright jewel tones and neons?

Here are 118 Minimal Color Palettes from the COLOURlovers’ group Minimal.

Minimal_Complete rose_minimal


plagiarism² Neandertal

shadow_garden ancient

John_Cage_mock design.flat

dance.in.moonlite industrialization

Industry Mornings_In_Space

Killer Natural_Plastics

Play-Dohs_Republic Is

easy_free calm_down

unfair Release,_Retrain_Me

Wiped Solemn_Is_Okay

What_Do_You_Have What_Word_Is_Right

Vice Not_Really

Minimal_Animal Part

Spätlese Tin_Zoo

Swollen Mints

Delphium Heaven_Room

smoking_at_night Greyest_of_Grey

You_In_Chocolate Shotpoint

White_Hike Wanna_Sit_Around

I_Am_So_Public Calm_Before_The_Warm

福岡花 大阪水母

Teeter_Totter Naughty_Party

Images_Of_Irony Cloud_Panic

Destroy_Your_Dinner 9_years.

Floorway Crevasse

{MNM}_No.1 Group_Dream

I_Can_Tell. Im_Silent_Now.

Interloper Shock_Blocked

EXTRA_DUNGEON Luz_no_fim_do_túnel

Slow_Dog being_danish

red_line new_york_day

Geen_ground be_nice_with_my_cat

Fill_Me_In dark_face

깊은_바다 Hey_Ace

Musket_Face Free_To_Be_Trapped

Carrot_Bingo Elementary_Guy

You_Close_My_Eyes I_Know_Hey_What_The

Hurt_Or_Comfort distance

Chemists_Window Dumb_Rainbow

Snowblind Giant_Twinkie

Leafy_Greens Feck

Sins Your_Haircuts

Candy_Hard Beatriz

4months3weeks2days wornout_makeup

Kcuf NO_GO

Harmony_Motorcycle mind_melting_summer

Longyearbyen FINE_design_group

Volume_Inc Snack_My_Peach_Up

Minimalist_series_N2 Minimalist_series_N3

Crying_Rainbows disguting_behavior

Pink_Hudson buffle

washa Mod_Curtain

Deep,_Down__Dixie 212

off... ProcrastinatioN

Lazy_Euphoria Pilot_Girl

born_to_run moche

Spachtel حمّام

Author: evad
David Sommers has been loving color as COLOURlovers' Blog Editor-in-Chief for the past two years. When he's not neck deep in a rainbow he's loving other things with The Post Family (http://thepostfamily.com/), a Chicago-based art blog, artist collective & gallery.