130 Retro Color Palettes

130 Retro Color Palettes

Here's some inspiration influenced from colors past. Selected from the COLOURlovers' group Retro (though I only made it about half way through the group's collection before I had more than enough great palettes to share).

Let's go back in time for inspiration. A faded Polaroid photo from your childhood, a French movie, a vintage dress, architecture, music or whatever you can think of from the last century that you associate with the word. Give us your inspired palette! :-)

Lost_Inspiration casual_beach_day

r_e_t_r_o b_a_t_i_k

Mediterrasian hippie_car

Good_Times E_t_h_n_i_c

Anything_Goes Lukewarm_Bohemian

Old_Lilac Watercolor_Stain

historic_idea Flaming

Hemisphere Drippings

Cell_Division Do_The_Bartman

After_Hours Teen_experiment

Roaring_Plastics Live_Inspiration

The_Pin_Up_Girl Where_Did_You_Go

Odd_Balls Setenta

fabula_africana magico

CelebraturalElement! nomira

dancing_queen festiago

humara camino

(_love_me_tender_) p_i_c_k_._i_t_._u_p

Sputnik onaso

humano Dionysus

Dusk triste

Holm_Sweet_Holm (_4_+_1_)___n_o_._1

1_9_6_0 crocketts_closet

O_r_i_e_n_t_a_l (_K_y_o_t_o_)

1_9_4_7 1_9_5_1

1_9_5_9 1_9_7_2

Dirty_Trip n_o_v_e_m_b_e_r_*

75 C_a_f_e_1_9_5_9

S_h_i_k_i_b_u milkshake

(_n_i_n_j_a_) blurred_colored

too_in_love Heroin

Whisky Soda_Pop

Dragomir GoldnMustard

metro_station undiesuptheflagpole.

bookstore__heaven techno_underwear

thecourseoftruelove Led_Zeppelin_II

Sambos_Pankcakes memory_game

Youre_A_Lost_Cause As_Loud_As_You

Um_Romance_Pitoresco Romana,_Redux

Dreamland miss_u

_1 good_kitty_kitty

The_Hustle Remeber_that_time

Erfurt ahundredoneloves

Retr metro_station

VIntage:_Ad Vintage_Circus

Vintage_Love Things_Make_U_Go_Mmm

this_is_so_wrong. Retro:_Funky_Monkey

Z_e_n_2_0_0_9 The_Tornadoes

Bossa_Nova good_n_plenty

rose_garden La_Femme_dargent

c_a_r_o_u_s_e_l let_love_in

f_e_t_i_s_h_* hide


el_viejo_almacén post_modern_hippie

grandma sunshine_for_sale

it_burns! a_night_inTunisia60

lets_go_calypso_66 la_conga_39

mambo_for_cats_55 scheherazade_mod

rock_is_dead. london_calling_79

the_partridge_family chaino_africana_59

Diner_Darling Nouvelle_Vague

Vintage_velour Vintage_Wallpaper

Vintage_rainbow april_66

cidade_de_deus Luv_Me,_Pleaz_Luv_Me

Lady_Stardust PlanB

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awesome! i never had so many tabs open in a single post.
holy mother, palette overload! its fabulous!
I was working on a project a couple of weeks ago and this post helped big time. Instant bookmark.
awesome, alot of vintage colours shining my eye :D

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