The Colors Of Light Art Performance Photography

The Colors Of Light Art Performance Photography

A descendant of light drawing or light graffiti, light art performance photography (LAPP) is a one-shot time bulb exposure capturing an entire performance of movement traced with colorful light.

LAPP originates on a real-time basis in front of the camera. Created between opening and closing the shutter. The pictures shown here are in each case one single photo... With especially developed light and luminous tools they are projected on the sensor. Within a performance, form and colour by light arrange such complicated figures and light forms.

Images from LAPP.

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This is really cool.
Awesome! I love stuff like this.
omg thats amazing :)
get more stuff like this! there should be a day where all people do is this stuff! ^^
this reminds me of burning man...i wish i were there...awesome
excellent article evad!
Living fractals ... oh my!
wow~ :o
fun subject
Amazing stuff man, keep doing job like this, i like these pics, nice photography.......
wow..this is so cool =D
WOW!! this is truly impressive and inspirational !!! Thanks for sharing!

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