Holi: Life, Joy & Color

Holi: Life, Joy & Color

Though Holi is a month behind us now, here at COLOURlovers we never miss a chance to remind people and share the love of this Festival of Color that takes place each March to welcome in the spring throughout India and other locations with large Hindu populations.


There are a few stories out there behind the festivals origins (read about those in this nice writeup about the festival by Colette) and you can get a different tale depending on who you talk to and which region you happen to be in, but it is clear what Holi really celebrates is the bright colors that are synonymous with life, joy and positive energy within the Indian community.


It is apparent that bright saturated color is very much a part of the Indian culture and is easily observed in the intensely colored saris and other clothing worn throughout the population. Even men, who tend to choose more traditionally colored pants, pair them with a brightly colored shirts, but even those bright shirtts are quite dull compared to the range of saris worn by the woman.

Shape + Colour

Images from Holi

Lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels!!
Michael Foley Photography
wanderinghome, 2
twinxamot (Away for a bit)
Sukanto Debnath

Holi Love from the COLOURlovers Library

Happy_Holi indian_holi

festival_of_colors festival_of_colors

Holi holi

holi saris

Holi Links: more images, CLEAN India.

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I suppose that if I'm going to get smacked in the face... I'd prefer to get smacked with color ;)
@COLOURlover: at least it's pastel and pretty!
this festival totally inspired me...love it
oh, I looooove it!! GREAT POST!! \o/

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