Color Inspiration: Easter Colors & Pastel Palettes

Color Inspiration: Easter Colors & Pastel Palettes

Here is some color inspiration filled with "soft and tender colors, as well as sweet and yummy flavors" from the COLOURlovers' group Pastel Lovers. Along with a few other Easter palettes thrown in for good measure. For more sweet pastel lovin' check out these other groups: PCL (Pastel Color Lovers) & Pastel_L♥vers.

Where,_Oh,_Where Tea_with_Shelly

paper_world Icing_on_the_Cake

Sour_Grapes Quiet_Room

Yoshis_Island_II Sci-Fi_Lullaby

Special_powers ModernGuinea_Pig_Lands Silly_Sprites SnowbowSorry_Sunshine The_BakeryDiscountenance Lavender_Fieldicecream legoluft_lightLook_At_The_Sky Suddenly_in_LoveFirst_of_May

careless_minds dream_sequence

Pastel_Day I_Miss_The_Sun

Ooooh.... Vow_Renewal

Multi-Family-Wedding V_o_u_s__e_t__m_o_i

b_i_r_d__s_o_n_g s_p_r_i_n_g

b_r_e_e_z_e butter

Office_Supplies s_o_r_b_e_t

b_r_e_a_t_h P_E_a_C_E_F_U_L_l

Something_Corporate whispered

marshmallowSummers_End Ode_to_JulietTuesdays_Child Crazy_Peoplereal_air Post_ScriptFading_Dreams bloomBest_in_Show WizardrySweetheartkiller Spectral_Powerdreams.


buddyboy So_inspired

Close_Your_Eyes. Girls_Room

Mymesis 12.28.08

Pony_Quilt Afterglow

Its_A_New_Day! Luck_By_Chance

country_house Passing_By

On_a_Cloudy_Day Ice_Cream_Obsession.

dreamscape Happy_Feet

5-Pack_Hiliters We_Choose_Love

In_Your_Hands My_Aologies

I_Want_You [Cx3]_Fall_Back

Want_You_To_Want_Me [w]_Flower_Compound

Fly_by Easter_sunset

Easter_Sunday Easter_Egg

Easter_Colors Pastel_Easter_Eggs
header palette Easter Egg Gems by Skyblue2u.

Are you ready to add some Easter color to your project? Check out Creative Market for some cute ideas and awesome pastels!


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Wow! What a surprise to see one of mine featured. Thank you!

These are a lovely bunch, all around. I'll have to check out those groups!
=D thanks for adding my "I Miss the Sun". All of these palettes are beautiful, I love pastels. (=
Thanks for including so many of mine. Here's a few more spring palettes that aren't pastel:


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