Local Paint: Color From San Juan to El Yunke

‘Local Paint’ is a new series of color studies by Alex Fuller. The series sets out to capture color specific to different regions from around the world. His first stop, the the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

Warm sun, water and color everywhere. I quickly became obsessed with capturing as much of the local paint as possible. Wonderful combinations, weathering and texture. A true reflection of the island and culture.

Alex_Fuller:_LP-1 Alex_Fuller:_LP-2

About ‘Local Paint’

‘Local Paint’ is an attempt to make a cultural connection between outdoor residential paint and geography.

Alex_Fuller:_LP-3 Alex_Fuller:_LP-4

About Alex Fuller

Well, hello, I didn’t see you there. My name is Alex Fuller. I am a graphic designer currently living in the windiest city, Chicago. I am currently one of seven partners in the studio/gallery/blog called The Post Family (*editor’s note: I’m also part of The Post Family), a co-founder of The Illustration Corporation and a founding member of Ogilvy’s brand design group, 485. I guess you could say my days are quite busy.

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