Color Inspiration: Tartan Patterns

Color Inspiration: Tartan Patterns

Here's a selection of 94 patterns from the group Show your Tartans created back in October of 2007. To see more great plaids and tartans check out these other groups as well: Plaid Patterns, Plaid Pride, Plaids and Tartan Lovers and Wearable or Stareable Plaids. Feel free to link to other similar groups in the comments if there are others I missed.

For those of you a bit confused on the difference between plaid and tartan the short answer is that plaid is a piece of clothing and tartan is "any of numerous textile patterns consisting of stripes of varying widths and colors crossed at right angles against a solid background." To learn more check out this forum and these pages: Tartan & Plaid.

Nutty_Brownies Cowboy_Plaid

Union_Jim Strong_Tart

KIYOMORI_-Samurai- Glowing_Embers

Bayliss_Plaid happy_crossdresser

Summer_Lodge lambent_moonlight

RandomTartan20080116 reverbuni_plaid

classic_plaid Woodland_Plaid

Lovers_Picnic Lonesome_Cowboy_Jim

Winter_Stream_Tartan halcyon_days

Ho,_ho,_ho!! plaid_it_for_real

Half_Vast_Rainbow Sarigua_en_Tartan

irish_tartan smile_and_a_wink

take_out_ur_bagpipe sweetness

Faded_Plaid plaid

heat_the_plaid yes

lemonade_plaid My_1stMillion_Points

My_1stMillion_Points et_voilà!

Golzheim I_have_a_dirty_mind

its_a_pitty anger_management

yesterday_is_tooLate Kerchief

stands_still My_1stMillion_Points

Sweethearts_Picnic Moondance

q_u_i_e_r_o MuddyGreen-GoldPlaid

oh_my_lollypop! Tart_Tartan

Autumn_Neons Julee

RandomTartan20080710 IKnowBlack_ThisAint

IKnowGreen_ThisAint And_sometimes_Y

Blue_Window_Box Not_tvrs_tvr

Tango_in_the_Night 144Nd

DC_Expo Geeklands

b_l_i_n_k NOPE

Monsieur_Rabatt excursion_to_Tokyo

Earthy Pansy_Plaid

Dolores warm_me_up

shelf_of_coral Playground_Love

cinnamon summer_plaid_the_2nd

Aeronauten to_sleep_under_it

Logical_Plaid Rain_Blooms_Smile

Yesterplaid Ego_Shooter

earth_music Inner_Soles

McKenzie_Clement The_Barber

Speedo_plaid SouthPacificScotsman

mynt Middle

whistlin_around Endless_Summer_Plaid

New_Girl_in_Town evening_gloom

Aubreys_Lad to_sleep_under_it

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Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Great post! :D Thank you for displaying so much of mine here evad, I feel sort of flattered!
Cool. Thanks for featuring my plaids.
Awesome patterns. Thanks.
neon plaids are my favorite


a tartan made from "Titanic" colors...
Start with neapolitan ice cream...
Melt it with a double blend......
... drip it on your plaid....and this results...
a couple of minimals...
Had to add my family plaid here. I adore tartans!
Oh man, I am tartan-obsessed! (And there are so many opportunities for discovering off-beat ones since it's the default selection in the pattern-maker!)















Wow, TWO of my tartans made it on, thanks! :) I actually live in Scotland and I'd love to get some of the patterns you've got here, made up by one of the mills!

Here are all my "kilts":

Toned Down Tartan

Kirei's KiltAviatorsWayfarersTeashadesJackie O's

Ray-Bans Required Series

Baird's PlaidBabbage's PlaidBaylis's PlaidBerners-Lee's PlaidBrearley's Plaid

B inventive Series

Lucklaw PlaidNedding PlaidEton Mess PlaidChoo PlaidCool Running Plaid

Lucklaw Series

Burning EmbersDying EmbersGlowing EmbersSmouldering EmbersBlazing Embers

Burning Embers Series

Mul Not BurMul Not Bur 2Mul Not Bur 3Mul Not Bur 4Mul Not Bur 5

Mul Not Bur Series

Great patterns! :o) Thanks evad for showing my 2 patterns:


Awesome pattern !!!!

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