Making Your Twitter Profile More Colorful

Here’s a post I put together for the folks over at TwiTip (Twitter Tips in 140 Characters or More).

While Twitter offers a few options for your background, if you’re a twitter user you’re probably more likely to notice and appreciate the differentiations from the standard backgrounds and color themes, and more likely to want extended that appreciation to those who follow you. Here are few suggestions you might want to consider when choosing a great color theme for your twitter profile:

Things to Consider When Choosing a Color Theme

1.) It has personality.  Let the colors speak for your personality… professional, fun, wacky, natural, etc.

Obviously, the Internet and social networks are all about transparency and truthfulness, and everyone treats them in that way… well, okay, maybe it’s more about forming the person you truly see yourself as; who you truly are without outside pressures or expectations. So, choose colors that align with your own style and taste. However, while you may be really proud of the university you attended, the colors you so proudly spilled beer all over don’t really speak to who you actually are, only one aspect about you.

2.) Make sure it won’t cause a seizure.  Super bright and colorful makes a theme very hard to look at.

As the main purpose of Twitter is to communicate information, you’ll want stay away from choosing any ‘Pokémon Shock‘ color themes as it will only distract from the few carefully chosen characters you put in each tweet.

Read the entire post and see a small gallery of colorful profiles at TwiTip.

*Update: my apologies; header pattern by rphnick.

Author: evad
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