The Colors Of Gothic Brides

The Colors Of Gothic Brides

This is a guest post written by speakin_colors.
A wide variety of styles fall under the term gothic. A gothic wedding dress may be similar to a Renaissance dress, or it may be closer to the dark style of the underworld look of vampires and witches. It could also include some typical Celtic elements adapted to the gothic fashion, with rich fabrics and a variety of deep colours. Other designs could include a skin-tight black or red dress with a Victorian neckline or a plunging or lock-lace bodice, a goth corset with black ribbon detail, a long flowing skirt with lace or a webbed black hose.

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Medieval Wedding Dresses
Gothic themed dresses may also incorporate the look of the Medieval ages. Though some Medieval dresses are in white, darker colours can be chosen for a darker and more dramatic design while still retaining the rich materials and delicate trims that are often featured in Medieval dresses. Typical distinguishing characteristics of the Medieval dresses are puff-sleeves and ruffled necklines.

Materials & Colours
Popular fabrics for Gothic wedding dresses range from velvet, satin, silk, chiffon, crepe and heavily ornamented brocades to less sophisticated ones such as taffeta and cotton. Some designers combine these fabrics with lace, tulle and even leather or touches of it. When it comes to colour, it must be considered that gothic is void of brightness. Colours then include ebony black, jet black, amethyst purple and all types of purple shades (such as eggplant and bishop violet), crimson, blood red, wine red, deep greens (such as forest green), royal blue, midnidght blue, silver and gold.


Matching accessories to complement a Gothic wedding dress include: a Goth umbrella (made of black tulle), a vintage lace parasol, a full-length bridal cape, a (red or emerald-green) silver-plated tiara, a Gothic style choker/necklace and earring set, black tulle or satin gloves, fishnet stockings, a black or dark-coloured veil, Victorian hair pins, a black tulle petticoat underskirt, a black satin bridal wrap and black/red Gothic bridal footwear (platform wedding shoes or stiletto heels). Gothic headpieces and bouquets are made of exotic flowers, black orchids, black or blood red roses, black-dyed calla lilies and black feathers.

The Gothic style of wedding make-up complements the dress: black liquid eyeliner, black lipstick with a dark matte red underneath it, silver-grey or purple shadow for the eyelids and even crystal gems to adorn the inner corners of the eyes. Rich reds (especially burgundy) and browns are also a good alternative for the lips. A white geisha cream foundation is applied to achieve a flawless pale complexion. This foundation is called “geisha white” because it can be layered with loose powder multiple times until the skin is completely white. Nails painted in black complement the Gothic attire.

Images from off beat bride & flickr.

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oh wow i love that purple dress..
I wore red and gold. I look horrid in white being as pale as I am. I love offbeat stuff like this. The way I see it, it's your day, by all means do it the way you want!
My own palette on this topic:
Wow.. neat post.


The idea was Inspired by Speakin_colors' Gothic Brocade.

wow this stuff is amazing
I think Emo girls are more hard to get than Gothic girls
iits some how weared
its lovely!!!! :)
With gothic themes, you can really add drama to your style. They are all lovely!
The couple with the paint splatters is freaking adorable!

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