Eclectic Color Roundup

Eclectic Color Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the most colorful art, products, websites and such that I’ve come across in the last week.


'Chaff n' Skaffs' by Skaffs and Amanda Chin


"When a lost mosquito interrupts young Mai's sleep, her friend Chaff suggests they escort Moskivvy home. So begins a courageous girl's voyage into a fantastic, colorful world. Guided by Chaff, Mai's incredible journey will kindle readers' imaginations."

"Now Mai must summon creativity and confidence to travel with Chaff through unknown lands to reunite Moskivvy with his family. Savor each uniquely illustrated page of vibrant and whimsical imagery along the way."

[Chaff n' Skaffs is] the perfect conduit for Feldman’s imagination combining his waif like lasses and charming characters with the beautiful, yet unpredictable realm that is the unique Australian environment.  - Desktop Magazine

Feldman's artwork blends the classic stylings of 1950s Disney with a modern design sensibility to create something both cutting edge and timeless.  - Cartoon Art Museum


Lou Patrou

Some nice work from artist Lou Patrou who was nice enough to send along a link to us. His work has been licensed across multiple products including skateboard, snowboards and Music Skins.


Gift Wrap from Lagom

Lagom Design

Wannabe Tables by Llotlov

A powder coated steel table which is wrapped around  cardboard box. Available in orange, yellow and white

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awesome! i love the wannabe table :D
those tables are so cute! <3
This is awesome, I really like the cones on that guys head, he doesn't seem to mind.

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