Colorful Cake Art

Colorful Cake Art

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Too pretty to eat! I'd hate to be the first one to cut into these cakes and ruin them. :(
I would hate to eat one of these! so awesome :)
I'd love to take a bite out that hamburger.
Wow, some of these are incredible! yummy!
very cool. thanks evad. now i have a craving for cake. you're making me fat!
that deer one is creepy...
Love it especially the Starry Night cake !
oh wow, I love those Van Gouh cakes, and yeah that deer is creepy hehehe
the Starry Night cake looks simply divine. awesome pics! :3
cooooool! i think my favorite is the japanese one with the waves. ^^
i'd refuse to eat those. i'll preserve them instead--if that
would be possible. :)
thanks for the fun colors to play with!
Love your design work. Love your talent
Haha, I approve, especial the honeymoon one, must have for wedding cake. thanks
wow its wonderful
Cakes like some of those are why I'm studying to be a pastry chef. You can make them as colorful as you want, make them into anything you want, and THEN you get to eat them!

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