The Colors Of Lisa Frank

The Colors Of Lisa Frank

Known for her use of extremely bright and vibrant colors, Lisa frank, the American children's artist, has a unmistakable color palette. Her nearly iconic shiny illustrations featuring characters like unicorns, dancing bears and young girls have had a large impact in popular culture.

Her products heavily utilize bright rainbow colors and especially the color purple. You can see the use of these throughout the history of her company from the original stickers that launched her into popularity to the still popular school supplies.

Lisa_Frank Lisa_Frank_purple

The Lisa Frank, Inc. headquarters has had many homes and currently resides in a Arizona and has big hearts, stars, and music notes in the classic Frank colors decorating the side of the building.

You can't miss it! It has got to be the only building in town with bright hearts, stars and music notes all over the side of it!

Regardless of one's personal opinion of her work and color choices, like all those boys with cooties, she has certainly had a great impact on those who came of age in the 90's. The impact of her vibrant color palettes is already beginning to be seen and will only continue to grow as those artists & designers who grew up seeing frank's color use develop their own color styles.

The Work of Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank in the CL Library

Lisa_Frank_1993 Lisa_Frank

Lisa_Frank Lisa_Frank

Lisa_Frank lisa_frank

Lisa_Frank Lisa_Frank_pink

Lisa_Frank_blue Lisa_Frank_green

Lisa_Frank_Pink lisa_frank

Sources: Vintage Stickers, Wikipedia,, coloring book pages.

Header Palette: Ode to Lisa Frank by beccafly.

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X___X god, i remember these things! they seriously gave me a headache. i think i owned maybe two of the folders because they were too expensive or something, and i wasn't anywhere near cool enough to be seen with those. no more headaches, please!
I actually loved some of Lisa Frank's things growing up.
I still have some of these Lisa Frank Stationary sets..... too bright! lol
Oh my gosh, I remember when Lisa Frank was /the/ thing to have. <33333
I remember Lisa Frank! I got a diary with a cat and a dog getting married on it. I was very confused as to why, in Frank's universe, cats were ladies and dogs were men. But man, those colors are almost blinding, save for the berry pink. Hmm...
Lisa Frank was a big inspiration to me when I was younger. i loved bright bold colors, and I love her unique whimsical art. Her colors still rule my artistic world!
I used to love lisa frank...I remember trading her pencils in kindergarten with all the other girls :P
when i was in grade school, there was one xmas when i asked people to ONLY get me lisa frank stuff... i still love those fluorescent colors :D
Ooooh, I did a series of Lisa Frank palettes!!

i loved lisa frank too... this brings me back :)
Oh my gosh, I remember those! I think I had a Lisa Frank folder for a few years, I wonder if I can dig it up...
Wow.. I was a HUGE fan of the stickers and trapper keepers as a little girl!
My head just exploded! So friggin awesome! I had lots of that stuff. Wow, retina searing wasn't it.
As a boy, I was programmed to hate these. I can sort of appreciate them now . . . nah.
oh my gosh! how did I miss this post?

I LOVED her as a child! Awesome blog!
Aww, I miss the Lisa Frank days of my childhood. :(
Ahh! Lisa Frank! I forgot that stuff existed until now. I wanted it alllll! But it was to expensive for me. I remember I had some stickers and like a stationary set and I wanted to save them for a good purpose instead of wasting them and then I just never ended up using them and I lost them. What a shame!

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