Interior Design Trends: Blue & Brown

Interior Design Trends: Blue & Brown

At the moment I am now loving the combination of blue and brown. Pale blue, turquoise, chocolate and light brown are the perfect pairings just in time for spring, as we do now know turquoise is the color of the moment. Hey, how can you not enjoy these two, we pretty much view them everyday in nature if you seriously think about it. What do you think about utilizing blues and browns in your bedroom or perhaps the office or the rest of your home for that matter? It is fresh, inviting and strong when paired together, again just what we need for spring. Where would you use this color palette in your space? Do you love it or hate? Why?

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brown and pink work too! ^^ i've actually got a bag that's brown and turquoise-y! i <3 that bag so much, it's practically one of a kind where i am.
I recently discovered the magical combo that is blue and brown!

This are beautiful tones, you inspires me


Thank you!
Blue and browns together are gorgeous.

My friend did her bathroom in these colors and it looks amazing! She even found towels that look kind of like those pillows up there.
Awesome color combination. A home-paint-styling like the real beach or pure desert love - sweet pattern possible... Sounds good to me.
Do you love it or hate? Why?

There's something that is very enticing to me about the combination. At its best, it reminds me of a robin's egg, or bare branches reaching across a perfect blue sky. At worst, it looks retro, but I think the combination produces wonders in the hands of a talented designer :3
I really LOVE the blues and bowns in this article.

I started a discussion on June 27, 2007 "BlueBrown Palettes", that everyone really contributed to.,3,146/BlueBrown_Palettes?&page=1

Since creating the above discussion this color combo has continued to explode all over creation! I've seen many gorgeous patterns here with this combo and have tried to 'tag' as many as time permits. Been meaning to come back and revive this discusson but have been way too short on time lately.

To me brown 'is the new black'. Black clothes really pick up and show lint something awful.

And i agree with 'tenkerasu', brown is fantastic with pinks, and with peachs, salmons, yellows, ivorys, greens, reds,

and of course blues. :-)

I have a basic brown dress-up wardrobe that i add bright colors (in tops & accessories) to every year. Every thing looks beautiful together.

Some of the most magnificent blue/brown palettes i've ever seen are in the old western movies.

The colorists for them really know their business...there are more variations of blues & browns in every scene than i knew existed!!!

A few of the tagged i've snagged :-)


I don't know why, but a couple years ago, I really... really hated blue and brown together. But now I love it :D
@ SparrowLP I know exactly what you mean it seems to have grown on me as well!
this is amazing...I've been painting in black and olives and yellow and suddenly last week I was craving blue and made two blue and brown paintings and I didn't plan to add brown, it was just calling to me....i love these colors together. These new ones are not even up on my site yet...a detail of one is my avatar...
ah, interiors after my own heart!
Brown and blue were made for each other.... Even cosmeticians recommend wearing brown eyeshadow if you have blue eyes! I have always loved the combination, because the neutrality of the brown makes the brightness of the blue just.. pop! Example? My palette called "Epic Win". I've asked around on my website, and most everyone agrees that the brown/blue color scheme is beautiful!
This is a really lovely combination
I love this so much! <3
Blue is my favorite color. And now, brown too! Nice and lovely combination!!

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