Vintage Color & Design: Czech Film Poster

I came across this wonderful art film poster shop and gallery located in Prague called Terry Posters. The selection below is from their ongoing ‘best of‘ Czech film posters series all of which, plus many, many more, are available for purchase on their website. Click on the image for the link.

The selection of the best Czech film posters ever selected by its curator Pavel Rajčan. This Best Of selection is updated on regular basis and is based on more than 7000 posters from Terry Posters´ collection.

Lucky Dragon No.5

A Jolly Bad Fellow

The Brothers Karamazov


Crazy Pete


The Canal


Goto, Island of Love

The Voice from Beyond

Pit and the Pendulum


Yellow Submarine

Girl on a Motorcycle

Jaws 2

Falling Leaves

Mad Summer

Jerabi Tahnou

Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines

5 Milionu Svedku

The Conformist


The Battle fro Algiers

The Accident

About the Shop

The name of the shop „Terry Posters“ is connected with repeated visits of the famous director Terry Gilliam, a member of the legendary group Monty Python, in Aero cinema. During one of his visits in autumn 1999, when Terry Gilliam was having a discussion with the cinema audience, all the persistent questioning might have made him take off his boots. Barefooted with his socks exposed he finished the discussion. This legendary moment was captured on nowadays just as legendary photo of Terry in his socks.

During the preparation phase of opening the shop and looking for a suitable name we have come across this far-back story. We asked Terry to let us name our shop Terry Posters after his socks and he kindly agreed. Also when shooting his film The Grimm Brothers which took place in the Czech Republic he popped in here and ceremoniously opened this shop on November 10, 2005. Under a slight pressure he endowed us with one of his socks (with a doggie application) which has been – together with his hand-written inscription – exhibited in front of our shop ever since. Thus Terry Gilliam has become a godfather of Terry Posters shop.

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