Radiohead & Aniboom Video Contest Winners

Radiohead & Aniboom Video Contest Winners

Last year Radiohead teamed up with Aniboom and held a contest for someone to create a video for any song off their then recent release, 'In Rainbows'. And while the original contest was for one winner to get $10,000, it's no surprise that the talent gathered for such a contest would lead to Radiohead dishing out the extra cash to produce four of the entries. Here they are, along with a few clips from the 13 semifinalists.

While everyone might not share my enthusiasm for Radiohead's music they can certainly appreciate their approach to distribution and their support for lesser-known video artist.

The Four Winners

Reckoner by Clement Picon

Videotape by Wolfgang Jaiser and Claus Winter

15 Step by Kota & Totori

Weird Fishes by Tobias Stretch

Selected Clips from the 13 Semifinalists

Thanks to Shape + Colour for the reminder.

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i share your enthusiasm :))
and this post was lovely to sit with this saturday morning thanks.
Great post, I love Radiohead partly because of their unique style.

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