Colorful Label Template Exhibition at

Colorful Label Template Exhibition at

The folks over at had an idea to create an easy way for people to create their own cd and address labels using palettes geometric patterns and color palettes, and asked the members here at COLOURlovers to contribute designs for an exhibition. Here's what they had to say about and the COLOURlovers Exhibition:

This whole exhibition idea started when one of the employees at a manufacture of blank laser and inkjet printer labels started using a colour palette to design geometric patterns.

We took these design and created a label template so folks could personalize and print. It looked great, we thought an exhibition would be a great idea, so we asked on the COLOURlovers forum if anyone would want to contribute designs for an exhibition and received several contributions. Lyell Rodieck, GreenMyEyes, submitted over 50 designs. The result of this collaborative effort is an online exhibition of CD and address label templates which can be personalized, and downloaded for free on display at

Deciding on a favorite to download is the hardest part to getting started. Once you decide, click the template you want to download. The templates are created in Open document Format (ODF) and are easily viewed by any of these office suites:, Koffice, Staroffice IBM Lotus Symphony, or any other office suite supporting the OpenDocument format. WordPerfect Office X4 has native ODF support.

If you are a Microsoft Office user, you will require an ODF plugin. You can download the free Sun ODF Plugin here which will allow you to read and write ODF including personalizing these label templates. The plugin is compatible with MS Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003 SP1 or higher, or the equivalent stand-alone version of MS Office Word. Microsoft has announced ODF support in the next Office versions to be released.

Address labels are sized compatibly with Avery 5160/8160. The CD labels are compatible with Avery 5931.

After opening, you can start typing and personalize to suit your needs. Click at the beginning of text and type your personal information. You can also easily change the font, font size, and color by selecting the text and using the lists on the menu bar above the labels. Other options include resizing the text box, moving it to another position on the label, or adding another text box for more information. To make these changes, just click on the box around the text and drag the box corner to resize or drag the box itself to move. To add other options like adding a border or background color, double-click the box around the text and make changes in the window that appears.

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Thanks, evad. I just loved working on this project.

They would love to get more designs from COLOURlovers. Why don't some of you guys (m/f) give it a try? The only instructions I got were to use PS and create .JPG files. You can get the specs from clicking on the label product number on the exhibition.

Note -- the exhibition itself shows the name of the palette as well as the label design and the palette itself, so maybe you can find your own palette.

How cool!
They really look great.

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