Interior Designs Trends: Black

Interior Designs Trends: Black

Did you know that black is the product of all colors absorbing light? It's the color that does not reflect or give off light in any part of the visible color spectrum. I always thought that was pretty awesome. Black is a rather chic color and can be paired up against any other color and make it that much more classy. Here are a few furnishings in that slick color black.

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Och Im just trying to redecorate my room this might help
thankies. ;*
it's funny, because at work we must wear all black - and pick out practically whatever shoes we want, and i got brown, only because someone else got the black ones! but black is cool, and we've got boots that are black with brown tops that're WICKED cool. but we're running out of those ;__;...
My parents have a b&w, round throw rug made of some kind of fur. When they got their first apartment together they painted one of the white walls black to accent the rug. When they moved, the landlord was upset over the black wall and kept their security deposit to cover the cost of re-painting.

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