The Colors of Christmas: Vintage Wrapping Paper

The Colors of Christmas: Vintage Wrapping Paper

Wrapped up nicely for the holidays, here are 29 inspiring vintage holiday wrapping papers. Hopefully, this great collection from xtinalamb will not only give you some color inspiration, but maybe inspire to reuse paper, or start your own collection to help avoid the extra 5 million tons of waste generated each year during the winter holidays; four million tons of this is wrapping paper and shopping bags (source).



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I'm such a procrastinator... I'd first need presents to wrap! (Leaving now for some last minute shopping... I hope the snow hasn't kept stores from opening today.)

Lots of holiday love to you all!
thanks for reminding me to wrap mine! i must do that before tomorrow! haha!

happy christmas, happy late hannukah (not jewish, sorry, but i have many friends that are and appreciate the thought), and very many hugs to all of you! lots of cheer for everyone! ^^ oh, and chinese food! lots of that stuff too!
These papers are lovely. My family has always been frugal, we always saved the larger pieces of wrapping paper to be re-used the following year. I remember my favorite paper was dark blue with little gold reindeer scattered across it. The roll lasted for many years and I was sad when we finally used the last of it.

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