Eclectic Color Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the most colorful art, products, websites and such that I’ve come across in the last week.


Water Splash Photography by Fotoopa


These incredible photos by flickr user fotoopa are captured with the help of some homemade hardware and lasers, or something.

Colored waterfigures: Tools used are a homemade hardware controller with an Altera FPGA chip (DE1 terasic board) 2 lasers are used for the detection. Multiple flashes are used. The controller calculate the delay timings, power for the waves on the speaker, camera control and flashes.

A hightech laser system, multiple tools, multiple flashes freeze the action. Most pictures are generated from waves to form the figures. Combination of falling objects and formed shapes give nice pictures.

Via designboom

Hoagy Houghton: Aleatory Composistions;

“Aleatory Compositions”: A book of musical work, unwittingly written by people filling in colours onto a grid which were then translated into musical notes.

All art is connected, just as are all human senses. By taking one medium generally ruled by one sense (colour and the eye) and transcribing it into another (music and the ear) he’s created an almost simulated synaesthesia. A sonic and visual switch-out that highlights the beauty of colour that lives within music, and visually manifests the inherent sonic shapes that live within music. Add on some hot design to polish the whole concept off and voilá. Pure win.

Via shape + colour


‘Babel’ Tables by Fredrik Mattson;

Tables with columns of rings in compression moulded birch veneer, lacquered tabletops and steel covered foot plates, black lacquere or chromed finish. Each ring builds 95 mm. Seven standard heights, other heights available for projects.

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