Color Inspiration: Wintry Whites

With the weather turning a bit chillier and the snow beginning to fall I thought it was time to check in on the top palettes, colors and patterns that include that wintry white.

White Palettes

Snowy_night. trip_through_clouds pastel_shimmer Holiday_Equation Snowman open-air_cafe its_snowing moonlight marshmallow_world mumbai_meri_jaan Snowy_day. miss_lonely_heart Sweetest Left Curative_Care The_Best_Colors Palette_480pyramid_lens Tomo GoldenDreamz peace pros_and_cons Webber cat_in_love Muted_Christmas The_truth_about... p_u_p_p_e_t_e_e_r COCA-COLA Three_Steps French_Pepper_Lime candy_cane g2e-_libres Corner_of_art_Color cloud-shrouded_sun Wisdom_Class French_maid hockeytown senseI_Thought_I_was_Free ¤inspiration¤

White Colors

white Let_It_Snow in_the_karma_mirror powdered_sugar Zen_lantern moon_at_full Dont_eat_the_Snow vanilla_cream praise cloud_white ice_blue lightness star_bright whitest_teeth Pink_Dreams Lilac_Dreams J_Peterman_Shirt Diamond_Girl The_Spirit Guardian_Angel Pure_Heart_Wins_Joy I_hear_clouds pearl_of_great_price Derjaguin Nubes Finding_Frosty carta Lamour Sweetheart Llama WinterStyle MoonSong free a_tracing_of_love fetch_me_some dream_frost Pure sailor_blue transcendence cloud_breath

White Patterns

A_forest_in_winter. Apple_Eating_Contest Simply_Love sky_clouds_joy Pastel_Shimmer Pastel_Shimmer sheer_happiness I_Love_Pastels Sweetness Pastel_shimmer Lil_pink_Christmas Bone_Flowers shimmer__rings so_very_blue artfaerie_1st_love quiet_celebration Whisper ☮ Do_The_Funky_Chicken peach_and_whip_cream she_love_you_too Girly_Gift_Wrap its_just_wishing Holiday_Equation cafe_of_holiday Christmas_Equations a_I. Sprinkles romachki clinking_crystals Vacations lonesome Snowing_at_night... Wedding_Veil Merry_Christmas! Nocturne Snowflakes Ice_Crystals snow_stormdelft

Author: evad
David Sommers has been loving color as COLOURlovers' Blog Editor-in-Chief for the past two years. When he's not neck deep in a rainbow he's loving other things with The Post Family (, a Chicago-based art blog, artist collective & gallery.