Color & Design: 60's & 70's Brazilian Album Covers

Color & Design: 60's & 70's Brazilian Album Covers

Color inspiration by way of Brazilian album covers from the 60's and 70's during the popular Bossa nova movement.

This selection of album covers is part of a larger collection on the site sabadabada which recently celebrated its four year anniversary. sabadabada is run by Peter who has been collection records from Brazil for over 15 years.

"My reasons for building this site were simple. I set out to build the site that I wished somebody else had built before I started collecting. I wanted to post some information, without opinion or commentary, and to share some of the music that I thought was worth collecting."

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wow! great post!
beautiful, great topic

Love 60s bossa nova
love it !
Excellent post !! Thanks a lot !!
thank you for this retro explosion! i LOVE it!!! =)
Cool entry :)
that is quite a collection!!! nice post.
Valeu Brasil! 50 anos da bossa nova em 2008. temos muito a comemorar.
belíssimo trabalho com as capas dos discos antigos. bastante inspiração :)
Really love it.

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