Color & Design: Postage Stamps

Color & Design: Postage Stamps

Color inspiration from some recent stamp designs. Two series by graphic designer Gavin Potenza entitled 'A Field Guide to: the Stamps of the World' and 'Homage to the Stamp'. Along with a New Zealand heritage collection of the alphabet of cultural icons.

AtoZ of New Zealand

a_is_for_aotearoai_is_4_interislander f_is_for_fantaile_is_for_edmonds

Homage to the Stamp

Letterpress print, printed by Providence's DWRI Letterpress. The artwork has been printed on an archival 250gsm Somerset Radiant White primtmaking paper. It contains four overlapping transparent print layers and one blind debossed layer. Limited to an edition of 200, each print is blind debossed with the edition number.

A Field Guide to the Stamps of the World

20 original stamp designs representing 10 different countries from around the world.


"The stamps were each inspired by various elements surrounding the culture of the countries, including the Swiss-born color theorist Johannes Itten, old French Tarot cards, the Brazilian boardwalk Copacabana, German designer Otl Aicher, Mayan patterns, the Swiss Alps, sweater patterns, and op artist Victor Vasarely."

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beautiful! I've been postcrossing for a couple of months now and one of the things I love is the variety of stamp designs from all over the world.
Count on New Zealand for cool, artsy stamps! All those other stamps are great as well. If only all stamps looked like these -- it would make getting letters even better!
I love 'F' :)
Many U.S. stamps are dark and ugly compared to these. This stamp is supposed to have one of the greatest 25 paintings in the last 300 years, but I've never cared much for Mark Rothko either.
We need beautiful stamps, too! I love this post.
26 letters isn't nearly enough to describe all the cool stuff in new zealand!

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