Interior Design Trends: Brown

Interior Design Trends: Brown

Brown is a rather positive color; it represents earthiness, simplicity and health, among other positive descriptions. Though the color is often thought of as a dull, it's the a color of chocolate! When paired up with other colors it instantly adds a sense of richness and life. So, try adding some brown to your decor.

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i <3 brown. my only problem is it looks like hell next to black. i have to wear all black for my work - and my shoes are brown! -__- i wish i'd gotten the black ones, but someone beat me to it! ^^
Brown is a very earthy color. It looks bad next to black, but brown is warmer then black.
I love brown, it's so warm!
@ tenkerasu - You could try using black shoe polish to buff up your brown shoes, that might help a little to take the edge off! I always do that with dark brown shoes as it gives them a better look somehow. :) (Don't do it, if it's a light brown.)

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