Color Trends: Grey

Our good color loving friends over at Etsy are all about gray at the moment and sent along this post to share. Along with their grey fashion trends we’ll take a look at some website designs, and palette inspiration from the CL library.

Earl Grey. Grey Gardens. Gray’s Anatomy. Besides these many varied instances, grey (or gray, depending how you spell it) is quite the trend as of late. From clothing to accessories, grey captivates the imaginations of fashionistas the world over. Maybe it’s because it’s a midway point between black and white, or maybe just because of its neutral qualities — grey just seems to work with everything (and doesn’t have to be thought of as gloomy to get the job done). Here’s to our new favorite color!

roselabiche LolitaVintage
decades PrettyRaccoon
Hende HarmonyWear
TresChicVintage larimeloom

forqueenvictoria betsybdesign
luluanne tortillagirl
Yokoo hierapparel
Lirola bunnymassacre
heirloom08 shopgoodgrace
kimenna PrettyRaccoon

Grey Trends from Across the Web

Grey from the CL Library

r_o_o_m_u_r Cool_Ad Sand Cough_Coughing Orig.Char._Palette_1 Dear_Heart boring Tombstone Brown_Pelican strange_little_girl

Etsy Article Created by Alison Feldmann:

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