Virtual Coloring Books

Virtual Coloring Books

There are plenty of coloring book sites out there that allow you to print off drawings to keep your children or color lovers happy, but only a few allow you to explore your color imagination online virtually. While the color choices tend to be limited, and most of the sites seem to be in there 1.0 versions, at least you don't have to worry about staying within the lines. Here are few coloring book site to kill some time or to briefly grab a child's attention span.

Kendra's Coloring Book

This site allows you to not only darken any color but also mix your own colors. Plus, you can print out the pictures to color at home too. Their coloring catagories include designs & shapes, Animals and enchanted forest.
Here you can create an account and have your gallery stored online. With a nice selection of themed pictures from holidays and birthdays, to sports and 'girls dressed up in cool clothes,' this site gives you an added color feature of using textured colors such as grass, thatch and granite.
This site gives you free reign with your color, meaning you'll have to rely on your own steady mouse hand to keep yourself within the lines. You also get a selection of brush sizes and the color selection tool nice, but the illustration selection is limited.

Enchanted Learning: Dinosaurs
Coloring AND learning, wow! Color your way through just about every species of dinosaur...

let us know of any coloring book sites you know.

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